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Practice Management Group, LLC
5127 Ocean Highway • Murrells Inlet, SC • 29576
P: 800-951-7850 • F: 843-357-4940

Why does Practice Management Group, LLC (PMG) still have the very first clients from twenty years ago?  Simply said, we are great at what we do!!  Our clients from all over the United States attest to our seamless service that pays for itself.  PMG has improved the operational and financial efficiency of every client we serve by increasing the provider's reimbursement rate and boosting patient satisfaction.  We are a results-oriented company dedicated to improving our clients' bottom line by producing a timely return on our clients' investment.  We are committed to maximizing our clients' income through our hands-on, professional, experienced approach. 



Twenty years of proven results in the following areas:

Twenty years of proven results from cost savings by reducing:

     • Time on the phone with insurance carriers
     • Wages, taxes, and benefits
     • Holiday, vacation, and sick-pay
     • Training seminars/education
     • Software and upgrade costs
     • Computer hardware/maintenance
     • Delay in claim research
     • Delay in claim re-submission
     • Supplies and Postage costs
• Capturing lost revenue
• Increasing productivity
• Improving revenue cycle process
• Streamlining patient flow
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Currently Servicing the following Nationwide:
• Solo Practices
• Group Practices
• Primary Care
• Specialty Practices
• Multi-Specialty Practices
• Single and Multi-Location Practices

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